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EQUUS Wireless Speedo Meter.

O.E.M No. Remarks
810 - 295
Yellow, Red, Blue, Green,
Purple, Metallic Silver,
Metallic Gray,
Metallic Blue,
Metallic Green,
Metallic Purple & Black.
Wt: 82 grams.

EQUUS is a wireless cyclocomputer for bicycle
in eleven colour and 9 functions : It provides
current speed, average speed, maximum speed,
odometer, trip distance, clock, lap time,
auto scan-trip distance and auto stop.
Mountain Bike, MTB , Racer, Tandem Bike.

Special Functions :
360 degree adjustable handlebar or stem mounting
bracket. 180 degree transmitter/sensor
mounting bracket. Battery covers, Mounting ties
& Mounting Bracket are for sale a nominal Price
of $2 each & Magnet at $5.
Prices includes postage.