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High Intensity Discharge System  

O.E.M No. Remarks.
Remote Control
Search HID Lights

High Intensity Discharge System Remote Control
Search HID Lights - 12v/24volts rotate 440 degrees
E120 degrees. Weatherproof.
Suitable for Boats, Trains, Camper Van, House & Buildings.
Integrated ballast Plug & Play.
Commercial & Industrial applications where electricity are available.
Off-Road & Working
HID Lights 7" & 9"



HIDs Advanced competition Lighting System 
Weatherproof, Revolutionary Mounting system,
Precision aiming without tools.
Aluminium Die-cast housing, Integrated ballast
Plug & Play. Suitable for all OFF-Road, Search
& Rescue Vehicles.
Commercial & Industrial applications wif New Mounting base
High Intensity Discharge
Conversion Kit.

2 Ballasts

2 HID lamps

Complete with wire

Motorcycles Kits

H4 & H7
High Intensity Discharge System Technology
creates 3 times more luminous white light
than any halogen systems in the market today.
Using only 35watt to produce brilliant daylight
like luminous white light.

Zoomlite is the brand name of a
Original Equipment
Manufacturer in Korea.

HIDs system are suitable for all 
lighting systems - Cars, Motorbikes,
Boats, Construction Equipments.

H1, H3, H4HIGH/LOW, H7,
HB3/9005, HB4/9006.

Pls email for a more detailed literature.

LED Work Lamp

LEDs work lamp with built in Flashlight & wide-angle
High Intensity LEDs array. MSR multi surface reflector.
Polycarbonate rigid housing, drop proof.
Ergonomic rubberized sure grip handle, non-rolling design
with hook hanger.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack -
Flash lights -24hrs & Work lights -8hrs.

VisionX i s the brand name of
Vision Motor Sports, Inc